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What to do in the event of having a car accident

Accident Advice

Step by step, getting you back on the road...

Most people are fortunate enough not to have had a road traffic accident, which means that - if it does happen - they are likely to be unprepared as to what happens next. In the event of an accident:

1) Don’t panic! Call us as soon as possible on 028 8775 3220
Try to have as much information to hand as you can regarding the incident. We need to know your details, registration details of any vehicles involved, details of witnesses (if there were any). Was it reported to police? If so, who reported it and is there an incident number? Photographs of the location and damage to the vehicles can be very useful.

Motor Accident Advice

2) Talk to our Claims Handlers
We are usually able to establish who was to blame for the accident within minutes of your call based on the information you provide. We may occasionally need to make further enquiries, but these are usually handled quickly. We will also have an idea as to whether your car may be written off based on its age, value and the extent of damage caused. If it’s not roadworthy, we will arrange for it to be recovered and stored in a secure facility for you.

We will arrange for an independent engineer to assess your vehicle and determine roadworthiness and repairability within 48 hours of your call.


3) Choose a repairer and organise repairs
If you have a repairer you would prefer to use, we will put them in contact with our engineer to agree repair costs. We will arrange a date for repairs that suits you and the repairer. If you don’t have anyone in mind, we can provide you with names of repairers in your area.

4) Organise a replacement vehicle
When your vehicle is off the road for repairs, we will organise a suitable replacement vehicle for you and ensure that temporary insurance cover is organised. If necessary, we will deliver this vehicle to you and collect it again after your repairs are completed.

If your vehicle has been assessed as unroadworthy by an independent engineer, we will arrange for a suitable replacement vehicle to be made available to you immediately, up until your case has been settled and you have received a cheque from the at-fault insurers for the value of your own vehicle.

You are entitled to remain in the replacement vehicle for 7 days after you have received this cheque to ensure enough time for you to replace your own vehicle.

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5) Monitor repairs
We will keep in touch with you and the repairer throughout the repair period to ensure that everything is progressing to your satisfaction. You will be asked to sign a satisfaction note on completion of repairs to your vehicle.

6) Establish whether additional losses are recoverable
If your vehicle is used for commercial purposes (e.g. as a taxi, or for driving instruction), our panel of solicitors will be able to help you establish the recoverability of a loss of earnings. They will also be able to advise you of any claim you may have for personal injuries caused to you, and any passengers of your vehicle, as a result of the accident.

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